What we can offer you For many people, their animals are their kids and we understand that Your pet will be provided with one-on-one loving attention while you are away. He or she stays at home in a safe environment where familiar sights, sounds and smells provide comfort. Your dog will not be left in a cage or run for the day, but rather, visited and walked on the route he or she usually takes with you. Your pet follows his or her normal diet, exercise and medication routine. Your pet will not be exposed to strange animals that may increase his or her risk of illness, stress, bites or injuries. We understand if your pet requires medication and needs to be on a strict timetable of eating and medicating. We  can also visit your home, picking up mail and newspapers, which serves as a crime deterrent. Animals are much happier continuing living at home with someone that can provide companionship and affection while you are away. Their routine will not be disrupted, and they will be able to eat the same food and still be walked as usual. They will not be exposed to the risk of infectious diseases from other animals. You do not have to transport them to or from the kennel/cattery. The house is still occupied, warding off potential burglars. Having someone stop in and visit your pets has similar advantages of a pet/house sitter, without anyone actually staying in your home. Your animals can continue do all the things that they love doing, as if  you were still at home with them.
What are your other options? Taking your pet on holiday with you: ALL pets need to be cared for if you go away for even the shortest time. That includes your fish, birds, mice, guinea pigs and hamsters. Not all accommodation accepts pets. Cats need up to 14 days to acclimatise to new environments before being let out on their own. Travelling long distances in the car can be stressful. Do you need to use tranquillise your animals for the journey? Is there a cool place in the vehicle (not the boot) for your pet to lie? You must make sure there is enough water for your pet to drink. Your cat-carrying cage must be able to lock securely and needs to be large enough so the cat won't lie in its faeces or urine. Your leash must be readily available so you can ensure your dog does not run free when you (and your dog) have restroom stops. Your pet must always have ID discs with your details on them. Have you thought about how you would get your pet back if it did go missing while it was with you on holiday? REMEMBER: NEVER leave your pets inside vehicles (hot or even warm days) even if the car is parked in the shade with the windows slightly open.  
Boarding kennels and catteries: Your pet is away from their home and may be stressed or depressed because you are also no longer around. Your pet does not know  if you are coming back. Even though you have to have your pets vaccinated, they can still pick up illnesses like kennel cough. The food may not meet your pet's dietary requirements. How many animals are housed in each kennel/cat pen? Do they exercise the dogs?
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